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melanie is currently...

obsessing over

 the vintner's daughter facial serum. i mentioned this in our video but i'm close to running out of my facial products and am going to make the switch to holistic and all natural. we're been carrying products like that in our gifts since the beginning and the plunge is so worth it. you can 1000% percent see results and your skin feels SO. GOOD. i also recommend this toner which is amazing as first step hydration. 

 my new organic cleaning products by branch basics. i feel like i've helped the earth already. and no it's not scented (pretty unscented). but it's all nontoxic and when you bring kids into the world, nontoxic things are always a good idea. and it cleans amazing! (cherry on top). 

 schmidt's rose + vanilla deodorant. i've never smelled better. and i truly mean that. available at whole foods and target

• dave ramsey and his financial strategizing. judge me. but i'm a brand new person and i LOVE IT. 

 our new temp space. we totally downsized (it's a temp space) but it turned out SO CUTE. we have shelving and storage (elfa!), the perfect amount of desk space and the perfect amount of workspace. it's just right. it gives us more time to look for a new space that's just what we need (our last one had too many broken up rooms) and helped us PURGE UNNECESSARY ITEMS. that being said, thank you to everyone that purchased at our inventory sale! we sold so many awesome extra product and threw away a lot of other unnecessary items. 

 target. i need to praise their 2 day delivery app (competing with amazon) and their DRIVE UP to pick up your order system. the target guy was waiting for my husband in the parking lot when he got there with my bags. and the only reason i did the drive up in the first place was because i needed everything before our trip this wednesday and the two day delivery option (a great option) would have gotten here the day we left on the trip. their 2 day delivery is FREE and a much better option than amazon when you're purchasing cleaning supplies and diapers/stuff for your kids. amazon isn't the best for those things, not having too much availability, and target's taking over that niche. thank you for making my life easier, target! you've got a customer in me for all of convenience. 

 HOL 3.0. stay tuned. we've got big plans over the next few months. 


 how boring can i get? the kissing booth and set it up on netflix. queer eye (obviously). i watched the hallmark channel recently and you guys, i used to make fun of my mom for watching it but, hi! i am my mother's daughter. and of course, the usual southern charm, MILLION DOLLAR LISTING NYC (YES!). bravo fills my soul in ways many things in my life can't. 

 GLOW on Netflix! currently binge watching the second season. 100% the best. 

* I've been asked a lot recently whether I watch the handmaid's tale on Hulu and ill admit I used to and got so, so, so depressed by the plot line, I had to stop. it really, truly affects me more than the average person. 


 to be in the bahamas already (Wednesday!). i seriously fantasize about it. we haven't been on a real vacation (and no, disney world is not a vacation when you have toddlers) since before margot was born so this will be a nice disconnect for all of us. we rented a house and i'm excited to be anywhere but in routine for a whopping 5 days. 

 there are some BOMB sales right now as I write this (4th of july) and i'm not a huge online shopper but jcrew, gap, and target (their app is killing it) are the death of me.  

listening to

• podcasts: my usual lineup - the marie forleo podcast, the life coach school. second life, goop, bitch sesh, almost 30, that's so retrograde. i listened to a really amazing one on defeating your inner critic on goop and one on discomfort in the life coach school. for anyone interested in those topics, i totally recommend them. 


 check out my recipe roundup no. 3 for some new recipes but alex and i actually went out to dinner twice this month! we haven't been on dates so consecutively in a while so it was nice to get out and adult for a little. we ate at upland on south beach which i 1000% recommend. it was delicious and the interior design was outstanding. i am super into hunter green and they did such a good job with the color everywhere (including the tile in the kitchen). i can't wait to go back. and we also ate at zucca where they refunded me for my entree because they didn't include enough clams with my linguini vongole. i appreciated that so they get a good review. 


 tools by barry michaels (more like, would like to start this)

 leveraging the universe by mike dooley. 

working on

• i'm halfway through the business accelerator course (6 weeks in!) and am alive and well. exhausted. but it's temporary. as is everything difficult in life. and i see the light at the end of the tunnel. and am proud of myself for the work i've done. i need to say that here and now so i can look back and remember that i actually thought these things. 

 not being hard on myself. and allowing myself to work at the pace that is best for me right here and right now in this moment. being present is so important for me right now. present through what's going on in this moment and that each and every bit of it is meant for right now. 

 activities with my kids and enjoying things with them this summer. interacting with them. miami's tough in the summer bc the unbearable heat and the mosquitos make it tough to be outside but i'm committed to being the mom i want to be with them and that means playing like a 3 year old every day after work. this is a great activity resource for parents looking for things to do with their kids! 

cristie is currently...

obsessing over

• the world cup - I am all about a WORLD event where country pride is in full display. my number 1 of all these events is of course, the olympics (summer games) but I got to say, the world cup is really working for me. the question is - who am I rooting for? I myself have no idea. at one point sunday, I found myself rooting for RUSSIA (what?) because they are the hometown team. I can’t commit to my Russian fandom but US, Spain, Mexico & Portugal are out and my husband is half Colombian so Colombia, please don’t let me down! also, I exclusively watch world cup footage on Spanish television because there is nothing like hearing the say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

• my trip out to southwest Colorado happening over 4th of july. so excited to spend time in non-humid weather, where the highs are in the 70s and lows in the 50s. you can follow my trip on my social media @cristieenriquez.

• getting rid of stuff - it really is liberating. also, selling aforementioned stuff on websites like let go and offer up is so beyond easy, I can’t believe I have waited so long to do it.


• the kissing booth - the movie of the summer! I dare anyone to watch this movie and tell me you weren’t absolutely delighted by a classic, beyond cheesy teen romance. does this movie basically copy every teen romantic comedy there ever was? yes & that is what makes it so great. also, the main guy is a giant and the main girl is tiny which for some reason really entertained me. this movie makes absolutely no sense but damn, I loved it!

• set it up - clearly netflix is my one stop nowadays and I love what they are doing with the classic romantic comedy. apparently they have a bunch in the pipeline for this summer and I AM HERE FOR IT. this was another absolutely cutie movie that I took in on a thursday night with some takeout pad Thai. living my best life everyday!

• queer eye - YAAAAAS queen!


• so much athleisure, probably because i am going to colorado & oregon in the next two months. lots of aventures ahead for me! i just got these outdoor voices pants in the mail and i don't hate them! 

listening to

• same podcast all the time. whatever is on npr, which i didn't realize and was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a great tool for staying up to date on local news. 


• trader joes cauliflower fried rice the best thing ever. add in some pancetta, a fried egg & avocado top with some sirracha sauce and BOOM easiest, most delicious at home meal ever. 

• just a big fan of bowls, which actually on my wanting list - i should add these year & day bowls , because this is how i eat my food. for dinner lately i have been roasting brussel sprouts & sweet potatoes, adding in chicken sausage and topping with a fried egg and avocado. another great easy meal for a quick week day dinner.  


• did i read my book for book club? no. but i do read the new york times newspaper on sundays so that's gotta count for something. 

working on

•  streamlining my life always!


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