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photos Living Proof x Ally Schmaling. Create & Cultivate Miami 2018.

new year, new boat load of information to attempt to get your past 2018 life straight. i know. but i had so many people read my organization tip post that I thought I'd actually share some more information I found (mostly on podcasts and instagram) that has helped me feel somewhat put together this year. so here we go: 

  1. via rachel hollis (if you haven't read girl, wash your face, please go read it asap. the e-book version is worth it, too), she says she sits down at the end of every year, goes through her calendar and makes a list of the following: 
    1. List 1: Things that were awesome, helped her business or her career grow and were positive
    2. List 2: Things that were a waste of time and energy
    3. List 3: Things that make her feel like she's living a good life (i.e., dinner with friends, reading a book, etc.)
    4. Then she writes down 5 things under each list and makes it a point to repeat them in the next year (and live the year out with more intention). I'm going to attempt this below as an example for everyone and to hold myself accountable
      1. List 1: 1) our weekly flower budget, which helps us not overspend on flowers; 2) transferring money to my savings account whenever I could; 3) detoxing the inner financials of our business and staying within margins; 4) collaborations; 5) our revamped newsletter.
      2. List 2: 1) some of the marketing efforts we undertook; 2) working on the weekends and vacations; 3) large, custom events; 4) anxiety and stress associated with the business (life is too short); 5) 
      3. List 3: 1) Date nights; 2) reading a good book; 3) treating myself to fashion every month; 3) indulging in my woo woo antics (reiki, astrology, etc.); 4) being active; 5) meal planning; 6) seeing my girlfriends. 
  2. Leandra Cohen of Manrepeller, wrote an amazing article on productivity and your google calendar, which you can read here. She basically calendars her day down to the minute by incorporating her daily to do's in her calendar to be more productive. I've tried doing that on my end to some extent but am going to go ham tomorrow now that I know another human on the planet is actually more psycho than I am with her scheduling.  
  3. I listen to an amazing podcast called the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. She gives life changing advice and one of the things she mentions is when you're overwhelmed, literally ask yourself "What do I need right now?" and answer it and give yourself whatever the answer is. The other tidbit she gives that I'm taking on this year is, Ask yourself what and who you want to become this year and act like her starting NOW. So basically, what does goal accomplishing Melanie act and look like? Well those are the things I'm going to start doing now. See below for the full execution plan. 

and now onto what we're currently doing...

melanie is currently

obsessing over

•  MY NEW ORGANIZED LIFE. seriously, how tired are you of hearing me talk about this? You can read more about my organization in this post but in a nutshell, birthdays and appointments are calendared for the next 6 months, goals are set and deadlines are calendared for the company over the next 90 days, my days are planned to the tee, and i meal plan for two weeks at a time (this is working for me). i'm also taking marie kondo to another level and my drawers are in the process of becoming little folded balls of clothes you can see at every angle. New Melanie has her sh*t together. No more excuses or missing appointments. I'm a 32 year old wife, mother and business owner. Time to grow up and be awesome (and an adult). 

•  the trip to Napa i'm taking in October with 7 other couples. Sans children. Really, nothing else needs to be said to explain why I'm obsessed. 

•  My new "no work on weekends" rule. I also have a no work past 9:30pm rule as well. Both help me remember that I work to make a living and don't live to work (my new 2019 resolution).  

•  My new black leather Cuyana bookbag that is the BEST work bag, baby bag, EVERYTHING. 

•  My brother and his boyfriend bought me a rose quartz face roller for christmas that is seriously so amazing to roll on - it's cool, and refreshing, and really everything your face regimen should be. 


•  i watched so much TV over break - so much so, that I can't even remember what I watched. But I currently watched 7 days out and Roma on Netflix and recommend both 1000%. SO. GOOD. Alex and I are also taking on Friends reruns late night and laughing like children. It's seriously one of the best sitcoms ever. 

•  I should add that since we got rid of cable and tune into Hulu Live, Netflix, and Prime Video, I don't watch ANY live TV. I used to watch HGTV and Food Network all the time like just switch on the remote and tune in, but now I either don't watch TV at all or just turn on Netflix and just watch whatever it suggests. And I don't really know if I feel sad or happy about this? Like I feel accomplished but nostalgic all at the same time. It's a strange feeling. 


• adult things like new dining room chairs and kitchen bar stools. We bought white linen bar stools for our kitchen when we moved in that my children have single handedly massacred with pudding, mac and cheese, and other children's foods. You're probably asking why we would ever buy white furniture. But it was my first time having kids and I didn't really know (along with the 749298973456 things you don't know before you have them) they would probably ruin furniture with their fingers and stickiness. The dining room chairs were from Wayfair and, unfortunately, didn't make it past 2 years at our house. RIP. 

listening to

•  LOLOL BAD BUNNY'S NEW ALBUM. Because I'm obsessed with him and latin trap. And his album just brings out the best in me. 

•  The usual podcast line up I mention in every currently - Rise Podcast, The Life Coach School, the Expanded Podcast, Oprah's Super Soul Sessions, Second Life, How I Built This (just listened to the Soul Cycle one - super worth it), Millennial Money, Goop, Armchair Expert, The Lively Show, That's So Retrograde, Almost 30, The Brendon Show, the School of Greatness, From the Heart, and just subscribed to Girl Boss Radio.

*I'll switch off from ITunes Radio to a podcast - it really depends what I'm in the mood for that moment in time. 


• We stayed home during the holidays and thankfully, didn't eat terribly. We started meal planning again two weeks ago and I'm proud to say that thanks to the instant pot, we accomplished two weeks eating at home 5 days a week. What's helped is only meal planning twice a month (in lieu of every week) so basically I plan two weeks of meals every other Sunday. I used to plan every week but the sitting down and planning was too much of a "chore" for me every single week. I found a happy medium and so far so good. Stay tuned. 


• I'm currently getting through Raising Lions and the Emyth Revisited. Next up, some fun books that aren't business related to break up the monotony. Any recommendations? Thinking of starting a Book Club! Would anyone join?

working on


cristie is currently…

obsessing over

• my furbo dog camera - my parents got my dogs this gift for christmas, because yes, I heavily suggest (ahem, make) that they get gifts for them but I am obsessed. if you are as infatuated with your dogs as I am, this is the best gift ever. when I am at work or out, I can check in on my dogs and send them treats. I love catching them do things on camera. Right now currently, as I write this post, I know my angel dog, Milo, is peacefully sleeping on my couch. 

 container store January is my month of organization and there is no better way to do it than with multiple trips to the container store. I made the investment in storing all my Christmas decorations in this ornament storage boxes. Seeing those boxes neatly in my closet brings me so much joy. 

 trying to find a planner why is it so hard for me to find a planner that I believe works for me! I can't commit to a planner that makes me write a million things a day, in a list of priorities, what I am grateful for, how I am feeling - I CAN NOT MAKE THIS COMMITMENT!!!I just want a planner that's small, has a weekly task list and a weekly layout. I don't need a huge journal! I also in theory WOULD LOVE to make this all digital and use evernote and all this good intel melanie gives out in this blog post. BUT If I do know something about myself, it's that I find joy in physically crossing stuff out in my to do list. Also, I just don't use iCal. I really need to change these habits to become an efficient person. Finding a planner to me has been my biggest stress of 2019! Can't the instagram algorithm present an ad to me in the form of the best planner. HELPPP.  I am just a scatterbrained ADD girl who wants to be organized but who TRULY was not built to be a scheduled, put together adult but at 32 years of age, it might be time to get some structure in my life.


seven days out - so interesting it is basically a docuseries that follows the excitement and drama leading up to the significant events such as the westminister dog show (still cheering on that pug), the chanel fashion show and a restaurant opening. it is made by the director of the documentary the first monday in may which I also HIGHLY recommend about all the planning and prep leading up to fashions biggest night - the met gala. 

 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel because duh but not going to lie, it did take me probably a month to get through it. I got over it somewhere in the middle but it ends strong. It is truly one of the most beautiful shows on television and the Paris episodes were out of hand in terms of gorgeousness. 

• Mary Poppins - just what I needed during the Christmas break. Emily Blunt and my boy, Lin Manual Miranda are perfection. Loved all the music too. Take me to London now!!!!!!!!


• Right now, I am overloaded with material things coming off my gifting season (my birthday + christmas) so I am on a personal spending freeze for Q1 of 2019. So out of sight, out of mind I am not looking at the stores (the stores, I sound like I am 92) for a long time. I am already all set for all my bridal showers, weddings, and other events for Q1 so I really have no need for anything more! 

 BUT besides material things, what I want out of this month is to organize my home, put things I am not using up for resale, get my budget and finances in check and to get a good routine going for the rest of my year. This is what I put in my aforementioned planner if/and WHEN I find my planner soulmate. 

listening to

•  So many podcasts, this part of my currently never changes. I need to start listening to music again. I found a new one called Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend which as you can probably guess, is Conan O'Brien's new podcast. He is my favorite and I can get stuck in a YouTube wormhole of his show clips for HOURS so this is right up my alley. Comes out every Monday and always delivers - get into it!


• Terribly, the holidays really are the worst for eating habits. Making my first trip to Trader Joe's today in what feels like months. Will report back!

• That being said, I am the biggest fan of a Caja China Christmas. For those who are not from Miami and have no idea what I am referring to, please check out this youtube. We had such a fun Noche Buena. The drama and the anticipation of the pig being ready adds so much to the whole Noche Buena experience. Plus the chicharrones at the end are what dreams are made of for me. 


My sister gifted me with Michelle Obama's Becoming for my birthday and I am in the first quarter of the book and loving it. No matter where you stand on the political landscape, I think we can all agree Michelle Obama is someone to look up to & we can all learn from her incredible journey from a girl on the South Side of Chicago to being one of the most popular First Ladies in history. 

working on

•  Again, my goals for January are to get my household in order in all areas - finances, organization, structure, routine - I am ready for it, 2019!