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currently august

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hello from the end of summer at house of lilac (wow). it's been a summer of big plans and changes for us (to say the least) and i've been able to really dissect the details that make this company run day to day (the benefits of a slow season). we're getting ready for a rebrand over the next few months along with some other really amazing exciting growth plans so we're just bracing ourselves for lots of new and exciting projects. i'll one day write a whole email on how this time has transformed me as a human being but i've really learned that everything in life is perspective. how you look at a situation, how you handle it, what you do with it. what action you take. i've come to appreciate myself more over the past few months, especially my ability to take challenging situations (or what could appear as such) and completely transform them into learning experiences or into an opportunity. because everything is the way you look at it. and when you choose to look at life like a miracle every day (good or bad) everything is a silver lining. EVERYTHING. 

melanie is currently…

obsessing over

• the mercury retrograde we're in right now. don't roll your eyes if you just did because it's a real thing. and if you're a leo, it's going to affect you more because the sun is currently in leo. read more about it here but all i've gotta say is, don't schedule important conversations during this time. dani beinstein, the astrologer, said it best in this instagram post: 

"Summer of retrogrades. People are stewing, spinning their wheels, unable to gain traction. What once may have felt complete is now up for review. The past is resurfacing. We’re questioning our choices and our stations. Though it may be uncomfortable or painful, it’s purposeful. I know I write that all the time and I know it can feel old and tiring but who ever said life isn’t without its roadblocks and challenges? Or that clarity is the norm? We do the best with what we have in the moment and we take it from there. Allow it to move through us is the best offering I have here. At the end of the day, we’re energy and sometimes the current just needs to flow through."

• the facial serum that i need to purchase. i took a poll on instagram and here's what's in the running so far: drunk elephant, vintner's daughter, skinceuticals. i'm pretty sure i'm going to pull the trigger on skinceuticals bc way too many people recommended it and it's only a daytime serum. and i'm so overwhelmed by the below options that i need to research and figure out what i'm going to do.  too many good options! here were the other comments and responses I got below (in case anyone's interested): 







• RHONY, RHOC, RHOP - that's real house wives of new york, orange county, and potomac because i'm attending the bitch sesh live show this thursday and need to catch up with my pointless housewives knowledge. 

• million dollar listing nyc - because you can't ever get enough of steve gold selling nyc properties. 

• friends reruns on netflix. basically the funniest sitcom of all time and i'm re-enjoying every second of the first season so far. 

• sugar rush on netflix. it's kind of like a wannabe food network baking challenge and im not 100% into it yet. i'll keep you posted. 

• obviously: frozen, moana, PEPPA PIG (kill me), and paw patrol.


• all of the skin products above. 

• a workout regimen. need to boost my energy levels. the exhaustion is real. 

• so, this is worth discussing. we got married in 2014, and ill admit have moved 4 times since, but since then my every day glassware and silverware just disappears. like my cupboard looks like a college student's cupboard with mismatched cups (including brewery glasses). and we all know i've moved past that point in my life (bitter sweet). i was really upset at the beginning and then realized being upset (especially when i had no clue where any of it was going) was going to get me nowhere so now i'm focusing on the silverware and glassware i'm going to purchase for the house. i want to go villeroy and boch for the silverware (because i deserve it) and crate & barrel for the glassware (because let's be honest, i have kids and these will break). but i need to go try them out because the "hand holding, in action" is everything. if you have recommendations on this front, please share. 

listening to

• same old podcasts. nothing new to report here on the podcast front. i did listen to an amazing how i built this featuring the slack founder stewart butterfield for any entrepreneurs out there. it took him 2 business failures to actually reach success and his faith story and perseverance are really incredible motivators. 


• went on extensive vacations this month and was not consistent in my eating. and my stomach is still hating me for it. does this happen to anyone else? trying to get back into good eating habits, including home-cooked meals, especially now that school is around the corner. routines for everyone! 


a place for us - so good so far. SO GOOD. would totally recommend. it's not a super plot driven book but is super engaging. 

working on

•  a million things all at one time. story of my life. but primarily, HOL 2019. that's our main focus these days. 

cristie is currently…

hello from the skies! I am *currently* writing this from my flight back from chicago (thank you gogo inflight services!) but getting on that flight to chicago was a crazy experience due to a classic cristie scenario that occurred earlier today.  I was lunching at Nico - which I totally recommend if you are ever in chicago!! - and went to the bathroom AS ONE DOES and did my business. I got up from the toilet and noticed my ID had fallen into the toilet and BOOM automatic toilet sensors flushed and I saw my ID go into the hole of no return leaving me with NO ID FOR MY FLIGHT IN 4 HOURS. PSA - if this ever happens to you, you have to file a POLICE REPORT that your ID is missing and then go through an extensive TSA security check, where I was violated by 5 different people, and my luggage was dismantled and SEARCHED. But alas, I made it on the flight and I am writing this blog post - WOOO!

obsessing over

• all my travels. I am in the midst of writing an extensive blog post on this because wow, in july I have TRAVELED. The beginning of the month was spent in western Colorado (Durango & Telluride) from there I went to my best friends bachelorette party in the Bahamas. This past weekend I was in Chicago because my husband had a work commitment here and I decided to come with him and experience a Chicago summer (which WOWWW!!!) and in about 2 weeks I will head off to Portland, Oregon. I will finish off the summer (to me end of summer is Labor Day) in the DR for another best friend bachelorette party (sidenote - this meme has never been so true).  So I am #blessed because I am getting around and I love nothing more in this life than traveling!!!



• comedians in cars getting coffee - I love this series. Definitely recommend binging this one on a rainy day (which Miami seems to be getting a lot of!)

•  parenthood on netflix. This show gives me all the feels.


• to get a good nights sleep. I have been going, going, going this weekend and I just want to get to my bed and SLEEP. Nothing in this world I value more than SLEEP. So right now all I want is to get off this flight, go home, cuddle with my dog and get a good nights SLEEP. can't wait!!!!!!

listening to

• podcasts all day long. I am *currently* listening to this new one that came recommended called Inside of You that I had randomly downloaded so it’s on my phone and available for me to listen to on this flight. I am really doing A LOT on this flight haha. But basically it’s a classic interview podcast (my jam!) from Michael Rosenbaum, who was Lex Luther on smallville (never in my life did I see this TV series). So far, it’s great and interesting. He is interviewing Jennifer Love Hewitt and I am enjoying hearing from her since she played such a big part of my pre-teen movie going years!


• I ate like a QUEEN in Chicago. Had the most amazing meal at Avec in the West Loop & Nico (RIP my ID). Had deep dish pizza at Lou Manalti’s but also came the realization that I DO NOT LIKE DEEP DISH. Chicago is a total culinary capital of the US (I would put Portland, San Francisco, New York and New Orleans on this list too) and I appreciate that!

• indian food, Thai food, Indonesian food. I am so into all the spices & flavors that come from these regions. Literally if I am craving food, it is probably from one of these categories.

• I am SO BEYOND THRILLED with the return of Miami’s Best Pizza.  I grew up having Miami’s Best every sunday with my family (again #blessssssed). Something about that tomato sauce just feels like home to me! The fact that it has reopened and the same characters work there and the pizza tastes exactly the same (!!!!!!!) is really one of the best things to happen to me in 2018! Welcome back, Miami’s Best!!!!!!!


• the stacks just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I am not reading any of it. I want to read A Place for Us (the next book club book) but I have not even purchased it. I feel like I read the internet all day long but it’s useless wormholes and articles that I do not retain any information from or maybe I do but it serves no purpose in my brain.

working on

•  just having a good attitude towards everything in my life because it’s a game changer. Choosing to have a good attitude just makes life so much more fun.

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  • Aug 26, 2018

    So you are a Miami girl and love Indonesian. Have you ever tried Bali Cafe in downtown? A must if you haven’t.
    Just discovered your page and ai am in love with your arrangements! Best of luck.

    — Macarena Scalia

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