• Collaboration Series with Up the Get Up: Fashion to Make your Outfit BLOOM
  • Cristie Enriquez
Collaboration Series with Up the Get Up: Fashion to Make your Outfit BLOOM

we’ve been so excited to share that this little blog is in major content luck because the wonderful Natalie Steen has blessed us with a style collaboration series! if you don’t know Natalie already, she is the genius behind Up the Get Up blog and our personal favorite, @upthegetup Instagram account, which was mentioned in this month’s currently blog post. she’s an expert online shopper and professional instagram/internet wormhole deep diver, who is a true creative super talent. want proof, check out her wedding hashtag: #jameytiesthenat. the details, the colors, the STYLE…… natalie steen everyone! she totally rocks and we are obsessed with her! forgot to mention by day, she’s s big time attorney who casually works on mergers and acquisition like a #girlboss. this lady has a lot going on, so we can’t express our gratitude for her gracing us with her talents!

here’s the deal: Up the Get Up is a fashion oriented social media account/blog dedicated to the art of thematic dressing/style, something we can totally get behind, as we love to be in an occasion-perfect outfit. you’ve got a wedding to go to in Nashville (we did!), she’s got the answers right here laid out in picture perfect photo collages. we love her insta-stories, which lets us know her daily online shopping destinations and picks of the day!

we tasked natalie to use our bouquets as her fashion inspiration, she was game! natalie came to impress because we would totally (and quite possibly will) buy all her amazing selections. using one of our favorite bouquets, the king protea, here are her picks to ‘make your outfit bloom’!


1.     Slide Sandals (Anthropologie, $128) – If Miami, FL were a pair of sandals, these would be it. Just add some coral-colored painted toenails.

2.     Tassel Earrings (Etsy, $7) – Etsy is my go-to for fun finds with really good prices. Case in point: these pom pom tassels – won't even cost ya a Hamilton!

3.     Silk Culottes (Rhode Resort, $295) – I’ve officially gone cuckoo for culottes – so when they come in green silk with tassels on the side there’s no turning back.

4.     Linen Crop Top (Mara Hoffman, $225) – Two trends (crop top, balloon sleeves), one top. Bada bing, bada boom.  

5.     Round Sunnies (Raen, $180) – Free your inner Stevie Nicks with these shades.

6.     Rafia Clutch (Loeffler Randall, $175) – Pom poms ain’t going anywhere this summer, but when they’re straw and neutral colored, they won’t ever go out of style. Neva-eva.


Thank you, Natalie! We love you and can't wait to have you back for another installment soon :)


  • Cristie Enriquez

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