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bouquet subscriptions

at House of Lilac, we pride ourselves in the ability to gift thoughtfully. our love for flowers always has us thinking of new ways and ideas to work with them and to spread joy with them.  enter: our floral bouquet subscription service!

order for yourself or for a friend, loved one, or significant other. we also love this idea to add some freshness to your office space or retail shop! weekly or bi-weekly flower deliveries are a special and unique gift idea for the lady in your life. we can think of a million ways to use or gift this service, we love it so much. to put it simply, this is the gift that keeps on giving!


the concept is pretty simple really. just like a magazine subscription, except instead of a boring magazine you get the freshest, most fan-frickin'-tastic flowers in Miami delivered to your door on a regular basis. you can sign up right here on the website and read our a little more about the process here

some helpful facts: 

  1. you can choose between weekly or bi-monthly (every other week) options. deliveries are made either wednesdays or fridays (take your pick).
  2. there are two different bouquet size options available for delivery: single or double. 
  3. the flowers delivered that day will reflect the "bouquet of the day." we pick the freshest flowers available at market that morning so flower requests are currently not an option. (check out the flower of the day on our instagram feed every wednesday and friday morning before 8am!).
  4. there's no recurring contract so you won't be bound past the month you signed up for.

they're seriously simple bundles of beauties which are sure to bring a smile to any face. we're currently offering 20% off first month subscriptions with code subscribenow (and this won't last long) so do yourself a favor and fill your life with flowers!

  • Cristie Enriquez
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  • Feb 23, 2017

    Beautiful idea! Love it! ?

    — Amarilys Robles

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