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our flower cart last week at the coral gables flower market. we'll be there this friday from 11-6pm letting you pick each and every flower for your weekend bouquets! find us by grazianos and fritz & franz. 

i warn you, this is a long one. but worth reading! xx

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in lieu of my super interesting life points for this month (the most interesting of which is my attempt to read "big little lies" in the week between the penultimate episode and the series finale - #fail), i will share an epiphany i currently had. we're moving into a new space in the next two weeks and it's beauty and our success requires me to share this with the world. so without further ado...

it's april. like what? i'm sorry, it's may in like 10 days. so it's may. 

i've been sitting with this thought for some time as to why i do what i do every day. my post-quarter-life crisis maybe. why house of lilac? why send a gift? why the idea? these are actually questions i get on the regular. and the simple response is, it's beautiful, and i love it, and it fills me, and gives me purpose, and i work for myself (which i love because no one tells me what to do #lifegoal). and if you know me you know i'm the hardest worker ever and have standards of quality that are borderline ridiculous (cristie is helping me work on this - i've gotten better, i swear). but i always keep coming back to the subconscious why of what i do. and i guess the easiest way to do this is to talk about myself and my own personal journey. 

i'm super into drinking the koolaid, as i like to call it. i'm very much into the law of attraction and am destined to find my spiritual purpose in life and if you work for me or are an independent contractor for me, or are my husband (who wants to kill me on the reg. with my spiritual talk), or my family (my kids lucked out because they're too little to even understand what "no" means) you hear me talk about positivity, vibrations, energy, meditation, and other spiritual jargon, ALL DAY LONG. 

i left a job as a lawyer because i was flat out miserable and over three years ago embarked on the most amazing personal journey of my life. i wouldn't say i had a plan all figured out, but i followed feelings. and i followed things that made me feel happy. and i wasn't sure where i wanted to go. but i was sure of things that made me feel happy:

1) my home (which we were lucky enough to renovate), not only what it looked like (i have an insane style and design obsession and my house is the culmination of a life full of inspiration), but also what it FELT like to me. my friends used to joke that they would walk into a new apartment right after we'd moved in and it would be fully furnished and extremely inviting in 2.5 seconds. but my homes are huge for me - it's our point of origin, where we lay our head at night, where we pray, where i love to host, where we laugh with friends and family, where I raise my children to be good people. my home gives me structure and is my main source of energy. and i feed off of every piece of art, every candle that's lit, every plate I purchase, every candle that burns, every shelf on the wall, and every photo i frame. i want to and i want people to walk into my home and instantly feel the love inside it's approx. four walls. 

2) a stocked refrigerator and feeding/hosting people. we cook at least five days out of every week. my husband loves cooking and is amazing at it and i have a few signature dishes i like to think i've perfected. food (and wine) fills our souls - it's actually one of the things we share in common - we're major foodies and love good restaurants and yes, we watch the food network together (#beatbobbyflay forever). and feeding others, including our kids, is a huge source of joy for us. 

3) books and photos. i LOVE books. i have about 6 on my night table right now and am always reading 2 at a time (I know i've mentioned this before). but there's something about books that fills every part of me. i almost read my entire elementary/middle school library by 5th grade and am a huge proponent of libraries. i still boycott the kindle unless i HAVE to start reading a book RIGHT NOW (which happens bc i'm super impatient). and don't even get me started on coffee table books. and yes, i read them or at least look at the pages.

4) taking care of myself and my family. i legitimately have to work on this every day. and this category is broad but one of the biggest reasons i left my day job was lack of time for personal admin. i type this on a monday that I have now designated as house of lilac personal admin day because guess what, our personal lives are as important as our jobs, if not more important. i'm a firm believer that i would not be half the business owner I am or have half the inspiration i have if i didn't take care of myself and my family. i believe in exercise (although i barely get to do a lot of it these days), healthy food, really amazing beauty products and taking care of your skin and except for a few brands I swear by (like carters pjs, baby gap, pampers, huggies wipes, zara and forever 21) really great quality items. i'm a huge believer that the passion and love behind high quality goes a long way (i see this every day with my HOL partners). 

4) flowers. this is the most obvious  - the idea of having a home filled with fresh flowers was and is amazing. but fresh flowers were scary to me, UNTIL i learned more about them - where they grow, the temperatures they sustain the longest in, how to condition them and cut their stems - and started styling them for home decor. 

SO. to bring this full circle, why house of lilac? i realized that my home, food, taking care of myself and my family, flowers, and books all brought me so much joy. and sharing it with others brought be three times that same joy. and then i realized - what if i took these passions and talents and created a company that shared this joy with so many others so that they can share that same joy with the people they cared about? so that they WANTED to share that joy with others. giving is so understated and understandably so - not only is it somewhat complex but when you attempt to give you see the same florals, the same fruit baskets, the same diaper towers, and, really, what does all of it mean?

so we're on a mission. through our sought after gift items, our locally handmade boxes, and our curated flower bouquets, we're on a mission to make giving mean something. on a mission to teach others that a little bit of thought goes a long way. and on a mission to bring joy to people's homes and people's lives, whether you purchase a gift or bouquet for someone else or for yourself.

every partner we work with, from our honey, cooking salt, to our candles to our kitchen towels to our vanilla marshmallows and chocolate covered pretzels to our muslin burp cloths and coffee table books, tells a story true to their own hearts - one of quality, love, detail, and so much joy. and each one of them is on their own mission to spread love. and we're on a mission to spread it with them. and maybe fill a few souls along the way. 

happy monday, friends! onto more comical, less sappy information. 

Cristie is currently... 

obsessing over

  • japan – my instagram has been taken over by cherry blossom season and it’s only reaffirmed my need to go to the ‘land of the rising son’. the plan is to go this coming october and I am determined it make it happen. if anyone has been and has any recommendations, please send them my way!
  • my skin – I recently heard ‘skin is in’ and I am all about it. I have taken a serious interest in the quality of my skin and investing in beauty products and random amazon finds. I spend too much time on the internet reading about different methods and the most effective products. this is my favorite find – really has brightened my complexion and softens my skin.
  • zara – my whole wardrobe is zara. it’s a little out of hand.
  • amazon alexa – such a fun party tool and now I listen to so much more music. I am a freak who puts on classical music for my dog when I am gone. I also live for my “alexa, whats the news today” briefing and weather.
  • my dog milo – my obsession grows daily! he is truly the center of my world right now. my friend showed me this etsy store and I really want to get milo as the astronaut for my house.
  • our spring/summer collection! - we worked really hard on it and it’s our best collection yet! we put so much thought into every celebration and reason to give our boxes and came up with so much goodness. don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too much longer to shop it for yourself! big things ahead for house of lilac, I know it!


thinking about

  • our new office space we are moving into in the near future and how it’s going to be the cutest spot ever! melanie is a true HGTV genius (her house is out of a catalog) and I know she’s going to rock it. we have a lot of ideas of ways we can make it a space for everyone to enjoy so like I said, big things ahead for house of lilac!
  • our Thursday plans of seeing our guru, Jen Sincero, at books & books. More info on that here . she’s the best and I am pretty sure this talk is going to change my life!



  • not that much TV at all! actually, my household is considering ‘cutting the cable chord’ and just streaming. we really pay so much for cable and internet (thank you uverse) and end up watching netflix all day. has anyone successfully done this or am I going full millennial over here?



  • to get some pretty stationery and gift tags. wynwood letterpress I am coming for you!
  • these adorable cocktail napkins from shop lettermade I love these type of small details when entertaining!
  • everything orchard and olive tells me to buy. they are putting the finishing touches on my house and I am loving it. lauren & courtney are so talented! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together.


listening to

  • s-town – melanie got me into this and I totally devoured it. episode 2 is a gamechanger. many of nights last week were spent walking milo and listening to this. it’s from the same makers of this American life (a mainstay in my podcast world) and serial (season 1 amazing season 2… not so much).
  • howard stern – this is a mainstay in my life since first got xm radio! he is the best interviewer in the game. my favorites recently are adam sandler, scarlett johannson, and craig ferguson. you can usually find his best work on youtube. I highly recommend if you are bored at work!
  • my best friend monica’s spotify playlist –‘alexa, turn on my ‘moni spotify playlist’ is a frequent request. I am actually quite literally ‘currently listing to’ this playlist right now – meta af.



  • I really have no idea what I eat on a day to day basis and it needs to end! I want to learn how to cook and meal prep so I am not constantly eating out. my goal is by next months ‘currently’ to be eating home cooked meals! now that I have written it down and put it on the blog, I am holding myself accountable.



  • another thing I am going to hold myself accountable for, need to read more! I feel like I read articles from the new york times and vanity fair all day on my phone, but they are so random I can’t catalog them here. but I need to read actual books especially now that I am going to ‘cut the cable chord!’.


working on

  • aforementioned, cooking and reading more! really want to get a good routine for my days, but I think the new office is going to help that too.
  • tomorrow is tax day and I have yet to do them. so quite literally today and tomorrow and I am working on my taxes. first time filing jointly, super exciting stuff!
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  • Apr 20, 2017

    Love the way Malanie feels about
    her home life. I have had very limited
    corporate/outside home life. At one
    time this actually bothered me but
    looking back on my life I now realize
    how blessed I have been to be able
    to raise my children in a home where
    good food, good fun, good manners
    and good health were a priority. I never
    have had all the answers nor claim to
    now, but have always felt a deep
    passion for these things. It is the foundation
    on which we all can build healthier,
    happier & more loving and balanced
    lives. It’s wonderful to see millennials
    embracing a more natural & authentic life!

    — Rhonda Arroyave

  • Apr 18, 2017

    Reading this put a big ole’ smile on my face – many thanks for the much needed Tuesday motivation xx

    — Natalie

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