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Holiday Gift Boxes

We're so excited to announce that we're having our first ever Holiday 'Build a Box' event next Friday, December 4! We're calling it our House of Lilac launch event and hope you can all come to shop our gift boxes or curate your own gifts (we package, of course). Bubbly and small bites to be provided. We're still offering our holiday gift boxes for sale here in the shop or simply link through below (and are taking custom orders, of course).


Gourmet Foods Box

starting at $50.00

Soaks & Scents Box

starting at $65.00

Cocktail Box

starting at $60.00

For Her Classic

starting at $90.00

For Her Chic

starting at $95.00

For Him 

starting at $90.00

For Families

starting at $90.00

  • Melanie Fernandez
  • What We're Doing

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