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November Goals

Yes, it's mid-month but we have a 6 week old at home and no time for, basically, anything. He finally made his appearance one day before his due date (very punctual) and it's been the best (and most exhausting) month and a half of our lives. I'm giving myself a break these next few months so I can enjoy our little peanut so November goals are few and far between (but important nonetheless). 

Last month - I laugh when I see these goals. I obviously had no clue what having a child entails. 

October Goals

Hashtag getting me through this month: #momboss (laugh again) 

Work Related

  1. Launch Christmas Collection (wait until you see it) YES. Newsletter and blog out between this week and next. 
  2. Work on December Gift Workshop with Orchard + Olive at the Archive Gallery (more on this soon). I'll be honest. No. But we have something else in the works for the next two weeks! 
  3. Fulfill pending fall orders & brace ourselves for holiday season. Yes

Life Related

  1. Acclimate to life with a new baby. Everyday is a new day. 
  2. Optional (dependent on 1 above. but let's be honest, more like "not going to happen"): Yep. Didn't happen. and I laugh at my reading books with a baby. Unless they're related to helping me sleep through the night without feedings. 

November Goals

  1. HOL Holiday, HOL Holiday, HOL Holiday. We launched our Build a Box series, making it easier for all of our clients to customize gift boxes on our website. Best. feature. ever. We're having a launch event at the beginning of December and can't wait to tell you all about it soon. We're also revealing $40-$70 small gift boxes for easy purchase and delivery/shipping this week, just in time for the Holidays.
  2. Corporate client orders. 
  3. Understand QuickBooks (this is a super tall order but i'm going to try).
  4. Love on my nugget and get our house ready for his first Christmas.



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