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Nicole Fernandez & Daniel Fernandez

July 18, 2015

Ceremony: Church of the Little Flower, Coral Gables, Florida

Reception: Moore Building, Miami

Photographer: Kane and Social, Robert Chamorro

Videographer: House of Films, Hector Gil

Caterer/Coordinator: Suzanne Michael Haute Events and Cuisine

First Dance song. And why?

“Stay with You” by John Legend. Danny always liked this song and when I heard it I thought it was perfect for our first dance - the lyrics describe the moment and our relationship perfectly.

How you met your husband.

We met in Gainesville, it was actually one of the first nights we went out the first year we were both there, Fall 2006. I was a Freshman and he was a Junior having just transferred to UF from Notre Dame. His friends were friends with my roommate, so he and his friends came over to my apartment to "pre jam" before going out and then we went out to Whiskey Room. We didn't start dating until a couple of years later, but he claims I held his hand that night and from then on knew I was interested in him - and he was right!

Tell us about the engagement.

On what I thought was just a typical Sunday, we picked up stone crabs at Joe's Takeaway and went bike riding in South Pointe, Miami Beach. Eventually we picked a spot to eat our stone crabs and have some wine. We finished eating and were just talking watching the cruise ships pass by when all of sudden I turn to him and there he was with a ring proposing! It was probably the biggest shock of my life! I had absolutely no idea he was going to propose until I turned to him and he had a ring out in a little box, it was perfect. Then we went back to my parents’ house where our families and friends were waiting for us to celebrate.

Venue Shopping - what made you decide on your venue?

The Church where our ceremony took place was an easy choice, as it was my childhood parish and where I always dreamt of getting married.

The reception venue was the easiest thing for us to decide on - the Moore Building was the only venue we went to go see. I had seen a wedding at The Moore Building a couple of years earlier when I had dinner next door and I kept it in mind because I knew I wanted a wedding venue that was different, with high ceilings and no carpet. Danny and I went to see it a couple of weeks after we got engaged and booked it right then and there.

Describe your wedding look and how you came to the “look” decision. How did you pull it off? (venue, inspirations, items, etc.). 

I really just wanted my reception to be a big party where everyone could enjoy themselves. So I wanted it to feel like an intimate and elegant lounge. I wanted everything all white with touches of metallic and a little bit of a whimsical feel. The Moore Building is white and very modern, which I loved, but I wanted to create more of a romantic feel in the room. I used pinterest and wedding blogs to collect pictures that I felt conveyed my vision. Then, my awesome coordinator, Suzanne, made it all happen. She orchestrated every detail from floor plan and rentals to florals and lighting. She really made my vision come to life, everything looked better than I could have ever imagined. Suzanne is the best!

Your dress and accessories: describe the dress shopping experience a little and the accessories you wore. What made you say yes to the dress?  

I thought finding my dress was going to take forever, but thankfully it didn't - I found my dress the first day I went dress shopping! I went to a trunk show at Ever After with my mom and mother-in-law and tried on a bunch of different dresses. My dress was the first dress that I loved inside the dressing room and that both moms loved when I walked out. It was the perfect mix of modern/traditional that I was going for. I fell in love with the combination of delicate lace on top and soft, flowy tulle on the bottom. I absolutely love my dress and wish I could wear it again!

Your bridesmaid dresses. Where were they from? What inspired you to choose the certain style(s)?

I had a seamstress make my bridesmaids' dresses. I purchased the same fabric for all of them to use and then had them design their dresses as they wanted. I wanted everyone to wear something they liked and felt comfortable in. Everyone's dress came out beautiful and fit each girl’s style perfectly. I really like how it all came together in the end.

Flowers: Tell us a little bit about your arrangements, types of flowers you used, how they fit with your “look”, and if and how your florist contributed to the design.  

I used all white flowers with different arrangements on each table, but continuity throughout. I love baby’s breath, hydrangeas, orchids and peonies, so those were used throughout. Suzanne and my florist, Jorge Nevot, did a great job with the flowers, everything looked amazing. Each flower arrangement was different, but it all fit together so well.

Details: Talk about any special details you incorporated throughout the wedding.

Champagne glasses: Danny and I used the same champagne glasses my parents used on their wedding day! It was great to be able to incorporate something they used in our wedding day. And the glasses fit my look perfectly as they were silver.

Welcome Drink: Danny and I both love vodka, so we had a Moscow Mule given out at the reception as a welcome drink. It was a nice and refreshing drink, perfect for a July wedding.

Thank You Menus: We wanted our guests to know how happy we were to share this day with each and every one of them, so we included thank you menus, made by the wonderful House of Lilac, in each person’s napkin.

Table Numbers: Danny and I love traveling, so instead of traditional table numbers we made each table name a city where we had traveled together, like Paris, New York City, and of course, Gainesville, where we met.

Party Time: Danny and I love shots, so we kicked off the party with a round of Patron shots for everyone. We also gave out flip-flops so that everyone could dance all night long. And we had a photo booth, because who doesn’t love a photobooth.

What you found most overwhelming and difficult about the wedding planning process.

I found it overwhelming to stay on top of everything and make sure things were getting done in time. Thankfully, I had my mom planning with me every step of the way. My mom and I probably made 100 lists together, and she would call vendors and follow-up on things while I was at work. My mom made everything come together and made sure I had my dream wedding. I really couldn’t have done it without her.

Looking back, you would have done this differently (in general).

Nothing! I enjoyed every minute of the wedding planning and parties for a year! (engagement party, bridal shower, etc.)  I would do it all over again if I could!

Your favorite moment all day/night.

When I was half way down the aisle and finally made eye contact with Danny. I hadn't really been nervous until it was time to put on my dress and leave to the church, but as soon as I made eye contact with him as I was walking down the aisle all my nerves went away and everything felt right. I remember thinking "its ok, it's just Danny, this is perfect." My second favorite moment was at the end of the night when I realized the party lasted until 4:00am, I always dreamt that my wedding party would go all night long!

Your advice to any bride planning a wedding is...

Make lists to stay organized and enjoy every minute of the planning and wedding! Its the happiest time and it goes by so fast, so don't sweat the small stuff - it is supposed to be a fun and joyous occasion! Also, try and remember that life will go on and return to normal after the wedding/honeymoon...because post-wedding blues are real!  

Any special gifts given to your bridal party, family, or groom? If so, tell us a little bit about the gifting process. 

I made gift boxes for my bridal party when I asked them to be my bridesmaids.  Each box included a little necklace with a cross on it, a photo album that I made for each bridesmaid and a card. I tried to find some sort of gift box for them online, but none of them felt personal and they were not customizable, so I just made one myself. I was really happy with how the boxes came out, especially the photo albums, which were very time consuming to make but totally worth it since everyone loved them!


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    Danny & Nicole
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    A flawless, fun, warm and timeless wedding!!!
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    Love the memoir ! ?

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    Beautiful story. Stunning bride and gorgeous wedding.

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