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Better off Wed. The Process.

Say hello to Better off Wed. The embroidered linen napkins and the Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses get me every. single. time. 

  1. Purpose: style a gift our clients can send to a newly engaged or newlywed couple. 
  2. While sourcing, we thought "let's create a mini registry in a box." After much research, popular registry items included:  
  • Glassware of some sort (I know too many people who house enough to throw a small wedding - pardon the pun);
  • Barware (for the males, of course);
  • Kitchenware (useful and practical).

So let's create a gift that's beautiful and practical for any newly married or soon to be married couple. 

Items sourced and why

  1. Navy Linen Napkins - I fell in love with these on first glance. And navy + linen = a win, win combination, ALWAYS.
  2. Mr. & Mrs. pair of wine glasses - No explanation necessary. They were too perfect not to include for newlywed toasting. 
  3. Gold foil pressed initial coasters - House of Lilac exclusives, these take barware to another, more sophisticated level. Even more perfect as coffee table accessories. 
  4. Barr-co Room Spray - Move over Lysol, who doesn't love a yummy room spray for any new home? 
  5. Walnut Butter Spatula - I love a good butter knife. This is one of those items you don't realize you need when you get married. Then fast forward to your first dinner party and you wish you had something nicer to spread butter than your cutting knife. Plus, this walnut spatula is a collaboration with Orchard + Olive and if we could, we'd buy their whole collection for our storeroom.
  6. Rice Crispy Treats - I love adding edibles in all of our gift boxes - they make the gift that much more sweet. These heart shaped rice crispy treats are baked by the talented Sarah Price from Les Petits Sucres, and not only were they too delicious to pass up, they were too pretty to not let make their own statement. And do we love statement makers around these parts. 

Until the next one.


  • Melanie Fernandez
  • Behind the Scenes

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