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A Cause for Celebration. The Process.

I often get asked how I customize my gift boxes. And while there really is no easy answer (they're often curated over the course of days, or even weeks, in my mind [and through inspiration boards], where I house a file cabinet of inventory, packaging, and other stylistic ideas I like to store), I figured giving a few pointers on my curating process would not only shed light on the House of Lilac gifting process, but also help others curate their own gifts, especially with the holidays around the corner. Enjoy!

A Cause for Celebration is our BIGGEST seller. I send out at least two of these a week. The thought process behind this gift was fairly easy (although there were rough draft versions): 

  1. Purpose: style a gift our clients can send to anyone (male or female) to celebrate some happening in life. Could be a birthday or even a simple thank you (always have a gift purpose - it truly helps the styling process).
  2. Celebrations typically always involve:  
  • a drink or two (insert me drinking with my friends or my family when we're celebrating),
  • and most people enjoy a drink or two (no brainer),
  • and even more people love bar accessories for either their office or their home (I thought of corporate America here as well as my friend Nicole - corporate America, especially lawyers, love drinking at the office - I was a corporate America lawyer so I have firsthand knowledge of this - and Nicole loves bar cart accessories),

so curating was a no brainer - let's give people a selection of gifts they can enjoy either at home or at the office while they happy hour away. 

Items sourced and why

  1. Champagne (obviously) and for the non-champagne drinkers, Elderflower Presse, which is a delicious fizzy drink that is GREAT as a mixer or even alone. 
  2. Salty Nut Chews - a) they're delicious; but most importantly, b) people typically eat nuts/salty while they drink at a bar. 
  3. A Cheers Martini Glass - honestly it was freakin adorable but, like I mentioned, martinis and nuts go hand in hand.  
  4. Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears - Besides them being House of Lilac bestsellers (amongst our office staff and clients), they're gummy bears infused with champagne - too perfect to not include in our standard celebratory gift. 
  5. Pop Fizz Clink Drink Stirrer - The perfect bar cart accessory. I'm a huge LH Calligraphy fan and have been fans of these stirrers for some time.  
  6. Get your Cocktail On Linen Coasters - These are a House of Lilac exclusive and the foil imprint a more refined variation of "Get your drink on." (purchase them individually here). I am a HUGE  fan of linen anything at home and I had to have these linen napkins in our opening collection (they'll stay through Christmas because the obsession is real). In my mind, however, they weren't ideal bar cart accessories without taking them to another level. Anything gold is a definite statement maker so we foiled them "get your cocktail on" in our signature script font. And then I nearly died (seriously). 

 Stay tuned. xx


  • Melanie Fernandez
  • Behind the Scenes

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