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August Goals

Day 1 back to reality from St. Barths heaven. Adjusting. oh so slowly. Here goes nothing. 

How I did last month

July Goals 

Work Related

  1. Website launch. Done. 
  2. Website marketing plan draft. In process. 
  3. Start instagramming at least 4 days a week (building up little by little). YES!
  4. Successful St. Barths wedding. YES!
  5. Printing - baby shower, fernandez forever, client stationery, lba preliminaries, st. barths itineraries and menus completed. YES!
  6. SI/CA - florist deposit confirmed and proposal finalized. Rental proposals solicited. DJ Booked. 50% Yes.
  7. DA/SD - florist deposit confirmed and proposal finalized. Rental proposals solicited. Done.

Life Related

  1. Continue the reading streak. It's happening. Books read: Finished Bringing up Bebe (i've contemplated raising my child French); reread You're a Badass (so amazing), still getting through Ask and it is Given
  2. Think positive (you get what you put out there). Working on this. 
  3. Working out at least twice a week. Yep. 
  4. Put up my feet more! The swelling is for real. haha. working on this. but the weight is forcing me to! 
  5. Embrace the third trimester. And yes, I am. I feel great. 

How i'll be doing this month

August Goals - keeping these short but significant

Work Related

  1. Marketing plan/portfolio - in final
  2. Finalize fall corporate client gift box proposals/mood boards
  3. HOL Christmas packaging and sourcing underway (excited for this)
  4. Accounting (update)
  5. Complete monthly action items
  6. SI/CA - Rental proposals solicited (florist meeting bumped to September)
  7. DA/SD - Florist and rental deposit complete. 

Life Related

  1. Move into new apartment
  2. Prepare for #aaf 
  3. Continue the reading streak (including educational readings on having a baby)
  4. Think positive!!!
  5. Continue embracing the third trimester. 
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  • Aug 06, 2015

    I’m reading you are a bad ass too lol… its really good (but I felt like such a dork buying it).

    — jess

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