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How to Say Thank You

There are a million ways to say thank you. But who you're thanking and what they like really does help narrow down through the million options, i.e., cooking, stationery, oils and bath products, hosting, the list goes on and on. I love customizing gifts for that reason alone.

In an effort to compile our favorites, however, I've put together shop items I absolutely love including in our boxes - each one makes the perfect addition to a pretty well-rounded thank you gift and is currently available for thanking! 

  1. Candy or Chocolates 
  2. Notebooks. via Rifle Paper
  3. Caramels
  4. Body Balm
  5. Monogrammed Linen Cocktail Napkins. via House of Lilac
  6. Bath Salts
  7. White Geometric Vases. via Orchard and Olive
  8. Stationery. via Rifle Paper
  9. Champagne

Or you can just order our standard Thank You, oh so Much! set on our website. 


  • Melanie Fernandez
  • What We're Doing

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