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House of Lilac Shop Launch

We were founded and continue to grow from the simple premise that gift giving should always be thoughtful, detailed, and full of all the love we put into each and every one of our gifts. As such, our sourcing and curating is so much more than a labor of love; it's the continuous belief that giving is receiving more in return.

Because of this belief, each of our items are sourced and designed and our partners sought after for their passion, quality and small batch production, attention to detail, uniqueness, customization, and of course, their pretty, their yummy, and quite frankly, their ability to make us swoon. We love organic, we love local, but most importantly, we love sourcing items from people and companies that pour their heart into their work, just like we do.

I can't tell you where the idea came from exactly. I can tell you that I've been a gifter my whole life. A thoughtful gifter. I've also always been very creative.  And I've always loved pretty things. I can also tell you I've worked on destination wedding welcome bags and boxes from the time I founded House of Lilac over a year ago. And because I always had a vast knowledge of random, albeit pretty, gift items (mostly things on my "I need to buy this" one day list), I've also helped clients source gifts for their own loved ones throughout the wedding process.

And then one random day in Seattle, I put all of the above together and the concept just clicked. So, I spent the next six months brainstorming, researching, buying, styling, designing, and putting together the most adorable first batch of House of Lilac gift sets, available for both local delivery and nationwide shipping. They are in no means final. Our gifts are seasonal and because the shop is very much a retail store, some items inside our sets will more than probably be swapped out for even prettier items, as soon as they arrive in our inventory. 

Weddings, new homes, new babies and new jobs, spa days, birthdays, celebrations, giving thanks, and any other wonderful life event you can think of (there are too many to be grateful for). While our website sets are standard, we customize gifts every single day for wonderful clientele.

And because most of our items were too adorable to only sell within our sets, we decided to sell our favorites individually in our little boutique gift shop

It's truly been a labor of deep love. That I've poured my heart and soul into each and every one of these would be an understatement but without the help of talented partners, who make things too irresistible not to source, a long time's worth of inspiration, and a never-ending list of trial and error and experimenting, this little company of mine wouldn't be half of what it is today. So thank you to everyone who's helped me turn House of Lilac, literally (and as cheesy as it sounds) into the beginnings of a dream come true journey. 

I hope you stay awhile and look around. Read our blog, shop our site, or just send us an email (sayhello@houseoflilac.com). We love to customize gift sets for our clients but love to speak to them even more. 

Oh Happy Day Bridesmaid Set

Thank You, oh so Much! 

She said Yes! Engagement Set

Better off Wed Wedding Set

A Cause for Celebration

They Say it's Your Birthday


  • Melanie Fernandez
  • What We're Doing

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