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Staying Organized

The post-it obsession is for real. 

I really, really go out of my way to try and stay organized (there is effort involved for ANYONE that is organized). What I found works (at least for me), is to take things day by day, and to use really great organizing tools. After re-reading this post, I realize I sound borderline psychotic, so please take the below tools and recommended tips as suggestions and figure out what works for you organically.

Write/Type things DOWN.

  • Some people swear by their ical or google calendars. Some people find writing things down more effective. I'm a writer and I use this planner, which is worth every penny and tells me where I need to be every second of the day and what I need to be doing in any given week. If you're not on my planner, I'm not going to show up at our meeting. And baby brain is for real, so trust me, I'm not even going to remember we even spoke about the meeting.
  • I'm also a crazy person for post-it reminders (see Exhibit A above) and scraps of to-do lists inside my planner (the scraps are indicative of important to-dos).
  • My husband and I also create weekly to-do lists for family-related projects or tasks such as groceries, dry cleaning drop off's or pick-ups, working-out (this really helps motivate), or finances. We also calendar invite each other for social/business events so we know not to double-book weekends (although this reality has come to fade since getting pregnant). 
  • Monthly goal-setting. Here is my last one. Writing them here on the blog keeps me accountable. I've also been dying to try these to better organize larger life/business goals over the course of months (instead of small goals accomplished month-to-month). 
  • Crossing things off your list - it's therapeutic, I swear!

Sunday Prep. I think I've mentioned this before, but my Sunday mornings are always catered to preparing for the week ahead. I typically blog for Monday, look-at/work-on my calendar for the week, and write our family to-do list for the week. Groceries are typically done at some point after brunch and then the rest of the day is open for enjoyment (and not the typical Sunday-night looming work-week dread). 

hopefully, this helps! comments or suggestions are always appreciated. :) 

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