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July Goals

I'm not necessarily ready for this currently but here goes nothing. (don't kill me).

June Goals

Work Related

  1. Bridesmaids Shop Photo Shoot Complete. In process. 
  2. Bridesmaid Website Descriptions Complete. Done
  3. Bridesmaid Shop Pricing Complete. Done
  4. Bridesmaid Shop Inventory in final (and in my possession). Done
  5. Shop Inventory in final for this season (and in my possession). This means placing all necessary wholesale orders, including packaging. I've realized there is never a finality to my inventory. And that's a good thing. 
  6. Bridesmaids launch live. Not yet. 
  7. All other sets finalized and pricing complete. Again, I've realized there is never a finality to my sourcing, tweaking, and curating. And that's a good thing. 
  8. SI/CA Wedding - Book DJ! Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist. Done, except DJ meeting is next week. 
  9. D/S Wedding - Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist. Done. 
  10. LR/MV Wedding - Rehearsal Dinner location secured. Welcome bag items finalized. Civil Ceremony date secured. Contact info and arrival times for SK, DO, and KS. Final Bridesmaid hair and makeup count. Order fans. Misc. items in final and complete. Done. For the most part. Still have loose ends to tie in next few weeks. 
  11. LBA - 500 invitations printed. 500 envelopes lined and completed. No. Delayed, but out of our control. 

Not too shabby. 

Life Related

  1. Think about and finish details for my baby shower. Which is this month. Done. Photos to come!
  2. Try to read a little bit of a book every night. (I know this is crazy, but I used to read a lot and then I graduated college. I'm trying to balance my life more). Yes. For the most part. Some days I read more than others and some days I don't read at all.
  3. Breathe. And think positive. Always ongoing. "Rome wasn't built in a day." "Progress not perfection." I repeat these to myself on the regular. 
  4. Keep the great working-out, prayer, spending-less routine going. Yes. Except I've bought things for the baby. But mostly out of necessity. 
  5. I'd also like to report I am no longer worried about my house - it's too much stress with the baby on the way and one less thing I have to think about.  I laugh at this right now. The house will forever be something I think about. 

July Goals (it's a crazy month so i'm keeping this simple and realistic)

  1. Website launch. 
  2. Website marketing plan draft. 
  3. Start instagramming at least 4 days a week (building up little by little). 
  4. Successful St. Barths wedding. 
  5. Printing - baby shower, fernandez forever, client stationery, lba preliminaries, st. barths itineraries and menus completed. 
  6. SI/CA - florist deposit confirmed and proposal finalized. Rental proposals solicited. DJ Booked. 
  7. DA/SD - florist deposit confirmed and proposal finalized. Rental proposals solicited. 

Life Related

  1. Continue the reading streak.
  2. Think positive (you get what you put out there). 
  3. Working out at least twice a week.
  4. Put up my feet more! The swelling is for real. 
  5. Embrace the third trimester. 

I've got serious plans for August and September (last baby-free months) so stay tuned. 

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