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Best New Mama-to-be Gifts
For obvious reasons, I've become an expert in this area. But I've also become one for less obvious reasons - we're working on a Mama-to-be and New Mama Gift Set together with Baby Love Luna and what better way to preview our extensive knowledge than with the below recommendations. Hope they're helpful to you or a new mama-to-be in your life. 
  1. For nausea.
  2. For better support.
  3. For uncomfortable realities.
  4. For stretchy bellies (a & b). 
  5. For baby's growth (a & b). 
  6. I'm serious. This was life-changing for me. 
  7. Storage for baby's arrival
  8. This one's a little tacky but great for constant office hydration
  9. These are the best for the first three months of baby's life because you don't have to wake them up to change their diaper. These are great for 3 months + in case they get cold at night.  
  10. I live in these. Buy one size up. 




  • Melanie Fernandez
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