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Laura and Carlos Larrieu

October 4, 2014

Ceremony: St. Hugh Catholic Church, Coconut Grove, Florida

Reception: University of Miami Student Activity Center

Photographer: Katie Lopez 

First Dance song. And why?

Como Te Deseo by Mana, I’d say it was a last minute choice and really no specific reason other than really loving the lyrics and meaning. We also wanted something a little more classic.

How you met your husband.

Through our mutual friend Dennis (who knows all of Miami.) So I’d say we benefited off his popularity.

Tell us about the engagement.

I had always imagined how I would it would happen and I must say I was so surprised. It was December 6, 2014, on a Friday night and we had bought our Christmas tree a few days before, but had not found the time to decorate it. I came home and threw on my super unattractive 'Kalik' tshirt and ordered pizza waiting for Carlos to get home. Once he got home, we began decorating the tree and, upon finishing it, one of the last ornaments I placed on the tree had my ring in it. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is super handy and can make/fix just about anything. So in regards to that, he had made his own ornament and stuck the ring inside. It was really sweet!

Venue Shopping - what made you decide on your venue?

Probably the most difficult part when planning a wedding, especially in Miami. We had a rather large wedding of about 320 guests and we knew we wanted something indoors, new, more on the modern side, and centrally located. Carlos works a lot around UM so when we heard about the Student Activity Center, we went to go see it, and it was pretty much exactly what we were looking for. It had just been built and it was something different. Once we left there, our decision was made. There is no perfect place but I’d say our venue worked well for us.

Describe your wedding look and how you came to the “look” decision. How did you pull it off? (venue, inspirations, items, etc.). What sources or people helped you, including wedding planners, pinterest, etc., and what was their advice?

As previously mentioned, our venue was brand new and very modern so it did not really lend itself to any other “look.” It worked out great because it is what we initially wanted, not to mention I am super indecisive, so picking and choosing different looks was not really an option. The ever-so-talented event planner was Carolina Toledo, and she happens to be my best friend/my lifesaver/my go-to for pretty much everything. I am not a big “pinterest-er” but yes, I did use it quite a bit to gain some inspiration, I guess. I was not your typical bride who dreamed of her fairytale wedding all her life. I knew more or less what I wanted and I knew once we picked our venue, the rest would follow. It was also very relieving knowing that Caro and I have similar likes and tastes in a lot of things! I also used House of Lilac for some of my paper suite printing and rentals. It really makes the process that more enjoyable and easy when working with such talented individuals! I highly recommend a planner at least the month-of or week-of your wedding. The planning process tends to get overwhelming for most and you DEFINITELY don’t want to find yourself stressing on the BIG day.

Your dress and accessories: describe the dress shopping experience a little and the accessories you wore. What made you say yes to the dress?  

My dress experience was great! Keidy from Chic Parisien was really amazing to work with. I went once to a Monique Lhullier trunk show and after trying on a few, I put my dress on and I am not going to lie, I never felt the “oh my god this is it” moment, but everyone around me did (my mom, my sisters, and my best friends), so I thought “well, yea I guess this one is it.” Obviously, I loved it and felt good in it, but what I liked even more was everyone’s genuine reaction! As for accessories, I couldn’t do much since my dress was long sleeved and high neck, but I wore a beautiful pair of earrings burrowed from my mother-in-law as well as a simple pin for my hair. At around 11 pm, I changed out of my dress into an outfit (short skirt and top) I had made which I absolutely LOVED! Nobody but my bridal party and mom really knew. It was fun and I do not regret it one bit!

Your bridesmaid dresses. Where were they from? What inspired you to choose the certain style(s)?

The only thing I chose was the color black from my bridesmaids and white for my maid of honor, who was my older sister. From there, they were on their own. One thing I did NOT want was the traditional bridesmaid look and I knew my audience; we were all on the same page. I wanted them to have the option of re-wearing their dress without feeling like a bridesmaid.

Flowers: Tell us a little bit about your arrangements, types of flowers you used, how they fit with your “look”, and if and how your florist contributed to the design.

I had a mixture of arrangements which included babies breath flower balls on high glass candelabras, mirrored vases with an array of white roses, hydrangeas, and stock. Some of the flowers that we had initially chosen were impossible to find the week of the wedding! We added the flower wall, which was beautiful, as well as cascading flowers for one of the royal tables. I was really happy with the flowers, although I thought the babies breath balls could have been a bit bigger.

Details: Talk about any special details you incorporated throughout the wedding.

Only detail really was Sebastian the Ibis from UM coming, which was a surprise from me to my husband. Carlos is a MAJOR Canes fan so he loved that.

What you found most overwhelming and difficult about the wedding planning process.

The budget because you always go into it with a certain number in your head and, wow! do things add up quickly! I’d say that was the most difficult part for us because, for the most part, you ALWAYS end up going over budget.

Looking back, you would have done this differently (in general).

Not really, at least nothing worth mentioning. There will always be a should-of, would-of, could-of moment with anything you do/plan in life. I’d say we were both extremely happy and grateful with the overall turnout.

Your favorite moment all day/night.

Everything!!!! Every moment was so special in its own way, and if I could go back, I would. I NEVER thought I would be the one to say that because, like I said before, I am the furthest from your typical bride.

Your advice to any bride planning a wedding is.

It is really so cliché to say but, do NOT sweat the small stuff because NOBODY remembers. Most importantly, choose your music/DJ/band wisely! It is the key to a good party and it is what most people will remember. Ohh and obviously do not run out of liquor, limes, and ice….my biggest complaints at any wedding or party.

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