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June Goals

I know. You just died. This was taken during our gift set styling session with Anthology this past week. I. can't. wait.

May was...a lot. Very busy, to say the least, but I'm grateful every day for the busy. As a result of last minute print-mania busyness (which I need to keep the business moving forward), I am sad to report that I didn't accomplish all of my monthly goals. It's hard for a Type-A personality to admit, but there it is. But I'll catch up in June and accomplish even more. Here's the update on last month's goals: 

Work Related

  1. Successful design presentation for LBA. YES!
  2. Shop product pricing and items complete. NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  4. Shop product descriptions complete. NO.
  5. Shop pricing complete per item. NO.
  6. Website meeting done. YES.
  7. Secure four more Wedding Advice Series Brides. YES.
  8. SI/CA Wedding - Book DJ! Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist. NO. But this will be done by next week. 
  9. D/S Wedding - Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist. NO. But this will be done within the next two weeks. 
  10. LR/MV Wedding - Welcome bag items finalized, invitations mailed, rehearsal dinner location secured. WELCOME BAGS ARE STILL IN PROCESS. INVITATIONS WERE MAILED! AND REHEARSAL DINNER LOCATION IS IN THE WORKS (we more or less have an idea).
  11. CO/FA - Successful event (with no rain!!). YES!

Life Related

  1. Relax on our baby moon! YES
  2. Secure all vendors for baby shower. YES
  3. Keep the great working-out, prayer, spending-less routine going. YES. Except I had to buy maternity clothes but that was out of necessity. 

I'm happy to report the obvious - that my life-related goals were a huge success. Work-related, like I mentioned, not so much. The Why: I decided to add items to our gift set inventory last minute and completely revamped our sets (they're amazing, trust me). So obviously, the website launch was a bit delayed. We're set to launch our bridesmaid sets by end of month and then our wedding, "Just Because", New Mama, New Baby and Housewarming sets by mid-July. We'll be fully live by beginning of August. Progress, not perfection. I keep telling myself this every day. It helps. I also had a ton of last minute print and gift set orders and had to finish those by this Friday (late nights are an understatement). 

June Goals

Work Related

  1. Bridesmaids Shop Photo Shoot Complete.
  2. Bridesmaid Website Descriptions Complete.
  3. Bridesmaid Shop Pricing Complete.
  4. Bridesmaid Shop Inventory in final (and in my possession). 
  5. Shop Inventory in final for this season (and in my possession). This means placing all necessary wholesale orders, including packaging. 
  6. Bridesmaids launch live.
  7. All other sets finalized and pricing complete.
  8. SI/CA Wedding - Book DJ! Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist
  9. D/S Wedding - Work on prelim event layout and secure quote from florist. 
  10. LR/MV Wedding - Rehearsal Dinner location secured. Welcome bag items finalized. Civil Ceremony date secured. Contact info and arrival times for SK, DO, and KS. Final Bridesmaid hair and makeup count. Order fans. Misc. items in final and complete.
  11. LBA - 500 invitations printed. 500 envelopes lined and completed. 

Life Related

    1. Think about and finish details for my baby shower. Which is this month.
    2. Try to read a little bit of a book every night. (I know this is crazy, but I used to read a lot and then I graduated college. I'm trying to balance my life more). 
    3. Breathe. And think positive.  
    4. Keep the great working-out, prayer, spending-less routine going.
    5. I'd also like to report I am no longer worried about my house - it's too much stress with the baby on the way and one less thing I have to think about. 

I think that's enough. Have a great weekend!


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