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Arabella Candles

We're so excited to feature this candle in our gift sets - so excited we had to blog about it. 

Why they're delicious and amazing?

  • they contain a lead free cotton wick
  • they are made out of 100% natural soy 
  • they are enhanced with natural fragrances. and when i say natural fragrances I mean you've never smelled candles so amazing, pure, and fragrant
  • they provide an 80 hour clean burn (a slower burn, which equals greater area coverage)
  • they are eco- friendly & biodegradable
  • they are not made with paraffin or palm wax
  • and, of course, they're made in the USA (MIA to be exact)

and the cherry on top, their packaging and branding is impressive. (you know how much we love packaging AND branding here at HOL). 

They'll be sold both individually, in standard sets, and will be available for custom set curating. Stay tuned, my friends. We'll be live soon (and no one is more excited than ME!!). 

Cheers to a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. xx 

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