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MTH Conference

I know I mentioned this last week on the blog but during the former part of last week, I spent two days at the Making Things Happen conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Founded by Lara Casey, the founder and editor in chief of Southern Weddings, it was the most eye-opening, vulnerable, and life-changing experience, basically ever. In a nutshell, it's a two day intensive designed to teach you what matters most, how to focus on your purpose, surrender your fears, and how to live your life focused solely on those things that really matter most to you. What matters most can stem from family and business all the way to health and friendships. It really varies per person. And most people walk into the conference with one purpose in mind and completely change that purpose after much reflection and discussion. It's an extremely personal experience that really makes you delve into your core and reevaluate your life in the best way possible.

Bottom line - it's so easy to get caught up in life and the daily routines and demands from work, family, and life, really. Those demands lead to stress, worry, constant annoyances, and just like that, another week goes by, another weekend quickly hits, and the Sunday blues begin (the worst). Because of this, most people (myself included) lose sight of what really matters, when the one thing that should keep us going amidst every day challenges is just that - what really matters - it's basically why we do what we do (or should be why we do what we do, at least). MTH does just that - helps you figure out what's important (to you) and why it should fuel your every day life (both personally and business-wise). Before you know it, you realize that everything you do (in work, with family, in your relationships) should be done solely because it "fires you up." Granted, there will always be the every day mundane tasks to deal with, but if you're living out your day with purpose, those really do get lost in the mix. They start to become habitual and routine and trust me, by my own experience, if you try to do them with a smile on your face, they really aren't all that bad. I really am forever grateful to the wonderful ladies at Southern Weddings for the hard work they put into making this conference the most amazing experience for each and every one of us - it was pure, genuine, spiritual (very important for me), so fun, and most importantly, filled with tens of other women that were all on the same boat. It's always nice to know you and your crazy feelings aren't alone in this world. I will forever be proud to say i'm an MTH Alum!

Now, what's important to me? My family will always come first. My husband and our little one on the way and my giving to them will forever be my driving forces. I'm a true giver and the end-all-be-all of most creative gift givers (ask my family and friends). I truly love gift sourcing but mostly love people's reactions when they receive a meaningful and thought-through gift - it's my favorite thing in the world. That being said, I know we've hinted this for the past few weeks, but we're shifting House of Lilac's focus a bit to gift sourcing and curating for weddings and ultimately every day life - bridesmaids, engagements, weddings, thank yous! You name it, we've sourced such pretty things you're going to fall off your chair when you see them. And the packaging is even more gorgeous. While we'll feature basic gift sets (including destination welcome bags!) on the website in under two months (!!!), most of our business will (and currently does) come from individual client sourcing and interaction. Our favorite is to work on a client by client basis because it helps us be the most creative and bottom line, helps us make the gift as meaningful as possible. Email us if you're recently married, know someone who just got engaged or would love to thank someone for plain old being the best person ever (love these). 

This doesn't mean we'll be giving up our event design work. We'll be shifting our full time services to event design consulting (our niche anyway) with design packages to include month of coordinating. These weddings will be limited per year, however, in order to give our brides and our gift clientele all the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, we are and will remain a boutique company with an attention to detail and customer service. That's our top priority.

And in other oh so great news, the other half of House of Lilac, my business partner, Alexa, has spearheaded the opening of our corporate event design sister company, a Navy Fete. She's been swamped gearing up for the Nico's Promise fundraiser for Miami Children's Hospital later this month and the Latin Builder's Gala in just a few months but the website should be up and running this week. Make sure to follow her on instagram and facebook - anavyfete.

Anywho, enough ranting. Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope you live your day with purpose today. xx

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  • Apr 09, 2015

    Way to go Mel!! So happy for you and proud of you. Honored to be your A.P. :) xoxo MTH for life!

    — Jaime

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