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April Goals

In an effort to accomplish more every month and hold myself accountable for accomplishing more, I have decided to post my monthly goals here on the blog at the beginning of every month. I figure that if I publish them here for all of you to see, I will be more inclined to cross them off my to-do list because I'll have to report on said goal-reaching status the next month blog post around. (and what an accomplished business owner I'd be if I met my goals every month!). 

So here goes (and I am making these realistic and feasible so don't be alarmed at how extensive this list is). 

Work Related

  1. Finish sourcing, curating, and inventory purchasing for the House of Lilac gift shop. This involves finalizing gift set brainstorming, product and detail sourcing, and purchasing.
  2. Set an early May photo shoot date for the shop items.
  3. Set a May meeting date with website company to discuss shop drop down menus.
  4. Solicit and retain four more Wedding Advice Series Brides (if you feel like this might be you, email me at sayhello@houseoflilac.com! Thank you for helping me accomplish one goal!!)
  5. SI/CA Wedding - Book caterer, dj, and send bridesmaid gifts. Setup meeting with florist for late April. 
  6. LR/MV Wedding - Book florist, brainstorm, source and curate items for welcome bags.
  7. CO/FA Wedding Ceremony Dinner - Finalize location and book all vendors.
  8. LBA Gala - Finalize design concept (book florist and production, if needed).
  9. Update HOL accounting.

Life Related

  1. Stop working on Sundays and work later on Fridays.
  2. Save more, spend less.
  3. Plan May weekend trip.
  4. Start physically renovating our house (is this out of my control? i think so. but i'll still keep it here to remind me to hound people to get this done). 
  5. Go back to Bar Method.
  6. Stress less, worry less, pray more, and be nicer!
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