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Katie Lopez Photography

If you had me list my favorite photographers, she'd definitely be in my top 3. You've got to meet Katie to know she's not only superbly talented, but a huge source of advice, and, the cherry on top, the sweetest person ever. I sat down with her a few months back to talk about photography, how she got started, what defines her style, and what defines Katie, in a bulleted nutshell. 

Katie and find out how she got into photography: 
  • FIU – undergrad.
  • Degree in communications.
  • Post-grad, needed a job.
  • Was a secretary at a doctor’s office.
  • Photography was always a hobby.
  • Until she realized she wanted to pursue it full time. 
  • She started a blog while she was working at the doctor’s office and would post her work.
  • People started asking her to take pictures. She grew from there.
  • Soon after, someone asked her to shoot their wedding. She had already quit her full-time job and took a part time job while she grew her business.
  • Sept 2010 – her first wedding. After a year – felt legitimate. 2012 – Style me Pretty!       

Her decision to venture out on her own and become Katie Lopez:

  • She didn’t have much to lose because she wasn't very fond of her job.
  • Wasn’t getting paid very well.
  • Didn’t make the jump from having some great career in advertising.
  • Knew it's what she wanted to do.
  • Had a good support system.

Her Photographic Style: 

  • Natural light.
  • Soft.
  • Organic.
  • Tries to keep it natural and feminine. 

Photography as an Art:

  • It's constantly evolving.
  • And she's constantly learning. 
  • She's mostly inspired by beautiful light. 
  • The most challenging: finding spaces, making a beautiful photo, and moving furniture; but every wedding is a challenge, really - you have to be able to think fast to produce great work. 
  • Loves to meet her couples before weddings to develop a relationship.

Most difficult part of the job: 

  • She wears many hats! Like most creatives, she's a photographer and runs a business, i.e., editing, album design, accounting.
  • The competition and comparing yourself!
  • Trusting that you're good enough!
  • Being confident in how you run your business.

Day to day Schedule:

  • Coffee first.
  • Emails for about an hour.
  • Right into editing – always has something to edit.
  • Album designing.
  • Almost 3 to 4 weddings a month.
  • At the beginning of each year - list of goals. The best: crossing them out! (I totally agree with this).

How she sets herself apart:

  • Relationships with clients.
  • Her natural style.
  • Loves candid reception black and white images.

Favorite types of clients:

  • Clients that trust her!
  • And that have a great sense of style.
  • When photos are so important to clients.
  • And when they like natural light.

Favorite type of venues.

  • Outdoor weddings.
  • Unique and different.

Lessons for photography amateurs (like myself):

  • "Keeping things true to life!"

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