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Living in Small Spaces

Anyone that's lived in an apartment knows how cramped apartment living actually gets, especially if you're a female, who likes to shop, and has a ton of items. One of my best friends and House of Lilac faux resident florist (she's actually a really successful medical device rep for Boston Scientific but I will recruit her one day, mark my words!) has mastered the art of functional apartment living.

Alana's lived in her apartment for almost three years and, throughout her time there, has accumulated more stuff that any human can conceivably imagine. She's by far the most avid shopper I know and as her first roommate and best friend, I asked her to seriously consider other forms of therapy for her work angst, to no avail. The perks, however (and no, she's not my shoe size - i know, the worst): besides the fact that she's a fabulous cook, very motherly (great things to be when your roommate just left the nest), and the only person who would have ever had extra Veuve Cliquot in the fridge to celebrate my surprise engagement, she's extremely well-versed in functionality, organization and, well, shopping, and gives the best advice on not only key items to purchase, but also where and how to store them in cramped spaces. 

The tall dresser on the right is a great alternative to a regular night table because it has more drawer storage. She uses the top of the dresser to display all of her jewelry, which, in my opinion, is very practical and works great aesthetically.  

Teeny, tiny desk, but a desk indeed, and a desk that works!

Seriously, have you ever seen a shoe shelf like this in a small apartment (or now that i'm looking at this picture closely, anyone that owns that many sneakers)?! This is the easiest project because you can literally buy any wide-shelved book shelf to make it work - here and here

Unlike most apartments, this apartment actually has great closet space - a definite positive and the reason why she's been in the same unit for so long. 

Adding storage to small bathrooms is a must. This toilet cabinet is extremely functional - it even serves as a towel hanger - but my favorite find of the day was the below makeup container (similar here). I'll admit that I am notorious for extremely unorganized makeup drawers and these acrylic makeup organizers are a godsend.

And she was of course making flower arrangements for a bridal shower when I was over. Aren't these the prettiest? 

Love you, Alani! Thank you!


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