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Loving your Corners

When Alex and I moved in together almost two years ago, we moved to Miami Beach. For anyone that grew up in Miami-Dade suburbia, moving to the beach is kind of a big deal: it's a whole highway + causeway away, i.e., people complain about visiting you. So for us Miami lifers, it's a way to "get away" from the same old routine, without moving far from home. It also boasts the city's best restaurants, night-life, and shopping, and, obviously, the beach, so living there is somewhat of a no brainer. 

My dear friend, Veronica, and her husband, Daniel, took the same plunge around the same time but are still living the fabulous condo lifestyle (that newly ordained suburbia Melanie can't help but be a bit jealous of and miss).

My conversing with her about her style was pretty inspirational and brought about my new favorite phrase: love your corners. Her apartment is the epitome of "decorating over time," so cliche, but really something to be reminded of if you're currently decorating a space. Creating a "home" really takes a lot of detail, research, and trial and error, from the ottomans in your living room, to the books on your coffee table, and is a task that requires time and effort.

She calls her style modern contemporary. Her inspiration was her husband's modern art collection; however, in order to make the space feel more cozy and warm, she offset the clean lines with tons of textures. For instance, the apartment is filled with glass, chrome, fur, linen, lots of wood, and lots and lots of flowers. Her motto: Achieve warmth, but not by colors - there really are a million different ways to make your home welcoming without filling it with bright hues and wallpaper so if color isn't your style, focus on filling your home with substance, e.g., yummy throws, candles, flowers, etc. And boy, are her corners fabulous and cozy. 

The takeaway? You'll arguably be living in your home every day for a lengthy amount of time so focus on decorating your home corner by corner, nook by nook, until you really. love. your corners.


Thanks to Veronica and Daniel de la Vega for this Miami Beach view (my favorite), for opening up their beautiful home, and for filling this belly with lots of charcuterie and champagne. You guys are the best. xo

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