• You're Engaged, Now What?
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You're Engaged, Now What?

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Congratulations! He popped the question and you said, yes! Right now, you are experiencing that initial post-engagement period of total and complete nirvana. Your heart is filled with love, you have already dreamt up your new life with your fiancé, and that belly is almost certainly full of champagne from all the celebrations!

Whether you have posted a picture of that gorgeous rock on Instagram or updated your relationship status on Facebook, one thing is for sure - WORD IS OUT! Soon, the butterflies will settle and you’ll start to feel the reality of planning a wedding. Go ahead and pour yourself another class of bubbly and fear not. Here is a list of “To Do's” that should ease your nerves after your soon-to-be hubby pops the big question.

  1. Call your Favorites

Before you decide to post the news to all of social media, be sure to share the news with your family and closest friends. You'll definitely want them to feel important and loved during this special time by sharing the news with them first.  

  1. Take it all in

Once all the celebrating dies down, you'll want to scratch that wedding itch and dive right into planning. Our suggestion is to take a few weeks and enjoy the engagement. Once you get into the logistics, it’s easy to forget how epically romantic it is that both you and your fiancé are committing to an entire lifetime together. You’ll want to dream up and soak in all the possibilities as the future Mr. and Mrs. before you start negotiating vendor proposals. 

  1. Get your ring insured

This is extremely important. The new stunner taking residence on your left hand is, of course, a rather expensive piece. Many brides are not accustomed to wearing their ring so it takes time to create a routine where you are naturally cognizant of your new bling. If you leave your ring in a public stall or it falls down a garbage disposal, you want to be sure that that precious stone is insured. It is not the most thrilling task but it is certainly the most necessary.

  1. Manicure, please

The world will now be staring at your beautiful ring, so grab your bestie, head over to the salon, and make a day out of a gorgeous manicure. You and that ring deserve it! 

  1. Hire a wedding planner

Once you are ready to attack the planning, do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planning pro. Before you begin searching venues, find a planner who can understand your vision. It may take some time to find someone who suits you perfectly but having he or she on board will save you one massive headache. Planners understand budgets, design, proposals, vendors, and the industry, in general. It will work to your benefit to have them working on your side from the beginning.

  1. Organize

Though this seems like a simple suggestion, it is actually a skill that many lack. There are so many aspects to your big day. Keeping yourself organized is crucial to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. Your wedding planner will greatly help in this aspect. He or she will create a timeline of your wedding to-dos and be sure that all paperwork and deadlines are in necessary order.

  1.  Find a wedding venue

Booking your venue will influence every other planning decision. It is the crux of your entire event and is the stepping stone in deciding on a color scheme and wedding dress, to name a few. Thus, it's important to find a location that meshes with your vision. Once you find it, set the wedding date and let the countdown begin! 

  1.  Secure your vendors

Once you have secured your venue and wedding date, it is time to consider potential vendors. Remember that the most popular vendors book a year in advance and only work one event per night. Start hunting as soon as possible to be sure you snag your favorite ones. They are such important contributors to what will be the happiest day of your life!

And there you have it. Remember, try not to overwhelm yourself - just follow these tips and remember that, most importantly, the wedding is a celebration of you and your soulmate (so don't sweat the small stuff). God speed and cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

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