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Bridal Registries
One of my favorite moments during wedding planning was completing our bridal registries (yes, registries plural). It's as close as I will ever get to a shopping spree (which includes French china and crystal, nonetheless) and I'd still say is pretty equivalent to most Christmas mornings as a child. I'd get (and still get) so excited for the most minute items (glass tupperware!!!!), most insignificant to our kitchen repertoire, some crucial. 

Of course, in hindsight, there are a few items we could have lived without and a few we've used in exhaustive amounts (and a few I was soooo tempted to purchase after my research for this post). At the end of the day, I will say that registries are definitely works in progress. And, trust me, you'll constantly edit your lists online once you've seen 17 versions of the same mandolin and food processor (I swear, except for the fact that mine has extra gadgets, I still don't know the primary difference between mine and No. 9 below). In an effort to streamline the process, however, we've compiled a list of recommended and most-used registry items from a trustworthy and diverse group of some very helpful ladies - from hosting to cooking to bath time, the below should at least help you start, revise, perfect, or finalize your registry lists. Happy Shopping!

  1. Dutch Oven
  2. Stemless Glassware
  3. Dinnerware
  4. Water Tumblers
  5. China
  6. Crystal Stemware
  7. Great set of Pots & Pans, either: Non-Stick or
  8. Stainless Steel (depending on Cooking expertise)
  9. Food Processor
  10. Blender
  11. Mandolin
  12. Stand Mixer
  13. Great Knives
  14. Coffee Maker
  15. Cast-Iron Pan
  16. Cutting Board
  17. Adorable Dish Towels
  18. Good Quality Wine Opener
  19. Charger Plates
  20. Glass Prep Bowls
  21. Flatware
  22. Toaster Oven
  23. Serveware
  24. Cheese Knives
  25. Cheese Board
  26. Coffee Mugs
  27. Kitchen Tools
  28. Oven Mitts
  29. Pot Holders
  30. Bedding Set
  31. Bath Towels
  32. Silverware
  • Melanie Fernandez
  • Inspiration Pretty Session

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