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Lutz Karpf

Meet Lutz Karpf. Coined the teddy bear of hair, this hair dresser and makeup extraordinaire is taking over the bridal and fashion market one hair style and pretty face at a time.  Known for his impeccable up-dos, perfect waves, and fierce yet stunning makeup, this sought after visionary knows exactly how to make his brides look and feel beautiful. We managed to steal him for a whole afternoon for a House of Lilac exclusive updo and retrowave tutorial while we talked bridal trends and the future of Lutz Karpf. 

1. What kind of bridal hair trends are you seeing?

Modern textures and classic styles. For instance, all looks are old school - the 40s retrowaves, the french twist, the classic ballet bun - but are more modern, messy and textured. 

2. Talk a little bit about what you do for your brides. 

For those brides that want it, I offer a bridal concierge service. I meet her usually at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, we go through the beauty section together, and we select lip color, powder, and other makeup for wedding day touch up. I always, always give direction on bridal looks and offer suggestions. I also offer stylistic consulting such as attending fittings and veil styling. I love working with Ever After in this regard - Camille Russler gets it. She understands how brides feel the day of and always leads them in the direction to make them feel beautiful and comfortable.

3. What's in store for Lutz Karpf?

There are big things to come! Stay tuned. I don't want to spoil the news.

Messy Ballet Bun Tutorial 

  1. Start with clean hair. Bring the hair up to a ponytail, making sure to softly rake the fingers across the top of the head to create texture;
  2. Twist and wrap the ponytail loosely around the hair tie, inserting and twisting bobby pins into the scalp  to secure bun;
  3. Massage top texture by softly and carefully raking fingers through the hair; and
  4. Gently spray to finish off.

Retrowaves Tutorial

Hair Prep:

  1. Semi blow dry hair (not fully blow dried but dry enough to be manageable) and spray the hair.  
  2. Part hair diagonally from the starting point to the middle back of the head. 
  3. Divide hair into four sections. Start at top of the head, lead your way to back of the head, middle of neck and go from top of ear to the middle. 
  4. Start spraying the sections of hair, dropping the hair gradually as you spray. This allows the spray to penetrate the hair without stiffing the hair.
  5. Brush the hair with a paddle brush. 
  6. The sprayed hair should feel a lot thicker and have a lot more hold.




Curling Tutorial:       

        7.    Take the hair and divide down the middle, then horizontally across the top of the ear. You'll start curling the hair from the bottom up so make sure you secure the hair pieces above the ear line with a clip. (note: you want to start with the bottom pieces of hair because they tend to be the longest and the heaviest).

        8.    Start curling the pieces of hair outward. Take your curl and set with a pin. 


           9.    Continue doing this to the several sections of hair, making sure to curl the sections in the same direction and for the same amount of time - this will make for consistent curls. 

         10.   When you reach the sections around the face, make sure you curl the sections of hair tightly. 



         11.  Brush out the curls with a paddle brush.


          12.   Tease the hair slightly under the front of the part with a comb to add volume. 

          13.   Continue brushing out and massaging the curls until you see them meld and turn into waves. This is the most difficult part of the process so use a comb to finesse and polish the waves as you brush. 




      14.  Finish the hair off with more spray and voila!

















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