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Lines and Symmetry

To me, home design/decor is one of those things you're either good at or you're not. Similar to playing basketball or cooking really well. I, for one, don't pride myself in my cooking skills. I typically only cook when I'm stress-free and when all ingredients are at my beck and call. By the time the stars all align, i'll have cooked about 2-3 dishes every few months. 

But, I've learned that when you're really good at something, the stars align a lot more often, and a lot more pretty happens all the time. Like my friend Ana Ortega Schwarzberg's house. She's another one of those friends I can coordinate wallpaper appointments with like wine dates. We share similar home styles so getting together to discuss home renovation projects (over wine, of course) is the norm every few weeks. So, the last time I was over (cue stalker status again) we talked a little about her design style, her favorite pieces, and what inspires her to decorate the spaces in her fabulous home. 

Meet Ana, and Lucy, and Ethel, the cutest french bulldogs ever.


She is primarily inspired by lines and symmetry. Much like the buffets below, which are the first pieces you see when you enter her home. To accomplish this, she loves buying furniture in pairs, clean lines, height, and even-spacing between her pieces. 

When I asked her what her style was, it took her a bit to respond, mainly because her design style depends on the space she's decorating. For instance, their old apartment had modern fixtures, so the furniture and decor was a bit more modern to suit the space. When they bought the house, she knew she had to add warmer pieces because the house had much more of a cozy feel.

But you definitely can't take the modern out of the girl. She sees this home as slightly modern yet still warm. She loves the more simple contrast between the white walls, light furniture, and dark woods throughout the house but still feels like her guests can walk through her front door and quickly make themselves comfortable. 

She and her husband Marc also love collecting tidbits from their traveling to showcase around the house, including a series of elephants they started collecting in Africa (a sign of good luck!). 

And books! They love featuring coffee table books everywhere, which, in our opinion, is the perfect way to add warmth to any space.

One of the highlights of this home is the amount of light that pours through the windows and french doors - I'm a huge fan of airy spaces like this one because it really does make a space look much larger, inviting and so, so comfortable (along with the deep and comfy couch, of course). 

Ever thought of using two coffee tables to achieve a larger space? Pretty genius. The prior owner divided this space in two sections, but in order to open the room a bit (and make use of the fireplace), she started the hunt for the largest coffee table ever. She opted instead for two simple glass tables, which adds a ton of character to the room. 

The White Couch Dilemma - Although most people tend to stay away from white couches, the key is to buy a white couch with pillow covers that can be washed, similar to this one. Being able to wash stains off any furniture piece makes a world of difference. And the best part - they're kid-friendly!  

We of course had to finish off her home tour with some vino. Thank you, Ana, for letting me into your beautiful home! 

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