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Taking Over the Man Cave

Two Inspiration Sessions in one week! These sessions are definitely a favorite since I get to showcase anything and everything that inspires me and/or the HOL staff. One of the best parts about blogging isn’t only showcasing inspiration material, but also learning a little bit about friends, colleagues, and basically anyone who’s willing to inspire us in some shape or form (stalker status, maybe?). I would be lying if I said that learning from my fellow inspirers didn’t tweak the way I look at a room, an event, and the designs for my paper suites. It’s a learning experience in and of itself.

On the agenda for the last few weeks has been (cue stalker status) politely asking my design savvy friends to let me into their homes so I could photograph their undercover decorating/design talents for the blog. And sometimes they even feed me! This past weekend, one of my greatest friends, Nicole Lukacs, allowed me to snap some pictures of her adorable apartment, and finished the morning off with a delicious brunch (she's a great cook as well). Nicole and I have been friends for too long and is probably one of the few friends I can talk home design with until no end. We've been known to get lost in furniture shops for too long, secretly plotting how best to get pieces of furniture into our houses without our husbands noticing (never works out as planned). Our friend Alana joined in the fun (we'll be raiding her bathroom and bedroom really soon) and we talked a little with Nicole about her inspirations when she "took over the man cave."

John, her husband, used to live in the apartment alone before she moved in, and like any bachelor pad, everything was monotone and brown. Her inspiration, she says, was lots of color and liveliness, much like her personality. Take a look! 


The ombre blue painting above the couch is pretty incredible and really does add a great pop of color to the room. 

She actually once asked me whether I wanted to buy these amazing pillows from her after she had bought them online. She quickly rescinded the offer, of course, and actually says that these pillows have become one of her favorite design pieces, along with the media console below. We found the console on one of our furniture hunts one Saturday at Victoria's Armoire, in Miami. To her, the console is the most beautiful piece in her home.  

This is by far my favorite section of the apartment. The pyramid symmetry from the chairs to the buffet, up through the lamps and topping off at the octopus frame (a One King's Lane purchase) deserves an applause. 

When I asked her to recommend how best to play with colors in spaces, she said her main piece of advice would be to trust the game of trial and error - you have to pick the colors you gravitate towards in the space and start from there. For instance, she originally wanted to get rid of the pillows, but once she found the painting, it all just worked. Metallics were a huge part of complementing the pops of color as well, so when in doubt, add some gold or silver to the mix. 

This gorgeous centerpiece was arranged by my friend Alana (drinking coffee below). She's actually the new House of Lilac florist (although she doesn't appear to take this offer seriously). 

I am a big fan of this kitchen - in my opinion, it's the reason galley kitchens shouldn't be underestimated -  it's so spacious and has a ton of cabinet, counter, and gathering space. 

BRUNCH! I had to take a picture of deliciousness in the making. 

And, of course, the amazing end result (so good). 

We had to cheers to old friends. Thank you for letting me into your home, Nicole! I can't wait to raid more furniture stores with you in anticipation of the impending Fernandez home renovation.


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