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This post came at the most appropriate time - I just received our wedding video yesterday and have seriously relived the entire day in ways that my pictures will never help me relive. Hiring a videographer is a MUST. I conducted some pretty extensive research on videographers in the South Florida area during my wedding planning. I have to say that after my venue, it was the most difficult vendor to make a decision on, primarily because the market is somewhat saturated (This goes for photographers as well, but I had my photographer before we even got engaged - crazy, yes). So, I watched and made my fiancé watch a million video trailers from a million different videographers until we landed on Cabana Pictures. What I loved - the production quality of their videos. A husband and wife team, both are seasoned producers who opened their own commercial and wedding videography business. And they're the nicest people ever. And they were passionate about their work. AND they were priced reasonably. So we booked them.

Similar to every other wedding vendor decision you'll make, you have to figure out exactly what you want out of a videographer. Some people just want to capture a moment and don't care about the production. Some people, like us, care about the production and are willing to pay more for it.

Bottom line, do your research, ask for proposals, bite the bullet and make a decision. It's so worth it! Click here for our wedding trailer. Thank you Jen and Zeus! You guys are amazing.

Videographers in the South Florida Area (yes, i am an expert via my own research and word of mouth referral):

Cabana Pictures
Kane & Social
Merge Social
Belvedere Stories
Utopia Video Productions
Fine Line Cinematography
Delight Media
Love Bug Productions
Captivating Films
Senderey Films



  • Melanie Fernandez
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